Pierre Beauregard on Télé Québec program Zone Franche nov 11 2019

Petition: Control of access to pornography and implementation of an awareness campaign on its

harmfulness to young people

WHEREAS 90% of boys and 60% of girls view online pornography before the age of 18 and that the average age at which boys first view pornography is 11 years old;

WHEREAS most of the sexual material shows scenes of acts of violence, domination, degradation and humiliation against women and girls and that, moreover, many of them are victimized by networks of sexual exploitation;

WHEREAS the effects of viewing pornography can lead to addiction in youth and compromise their capacity to develop healthy and egalitarian relationships and their ability to establish intimate relationships;

WHEREAS pornography constitutes sexual exploitation, that it fuels human trafficking and the demand for paid sexual services and promotes the objectification of women and girls;

We, the undersigned, ask that the Government of Québec:

• to treat this issue as a public health crisis;

• to require effective age verification on all adult websites;

• to require all Internet service providers in Québec to filter out pornography by default and to require the consumer to express his (or her) choice to access it;

• to develop an awareness campaign targeting teachers, health professionals and parents to expose the harms of pornography, including prevention through sex education classes

March 15th 2018. Petition presented to the Quebec National Assembly by Mrs Rita de Santis ( 509 electronic signatures and over 2400 paper signatures)

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